Testimonials for Massage St John VI

Testimonials for Massage St John VI

Paradise Massage
Testimonials of Couples and Group Massage

“I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate our anniversary than to have two therapists come to our villa and give us superb side by side massages. Cary and Barb are the best.”

“We tried to figure out how we could kidnap Cary and Barb and take them home with us. They were both so perfect and so accommodating to our neurotic family. They did all eight of us in one afternoon.”

Testimonials Villa Massage

Villa Massage Testimonials for Paradise Massage

“We just returned from St. John and had two incredible massages from Cary and Barb of Paradise Massage. They came out to our villa and gave my wife and I side by side massages. They were probably the best we’ve received anywhere in our travels.”

“It was such a perfect experience that we already have them on the calendar for our next trip in July.”

Testimonial for a Kismit Villa Massage

“That was the best massage I ever had!”
“I thought you said this was your first massage?”
“It was, and it was the best one.”

Testimonial for Barb and Cary

“Not only are Barb and Cary the best massage therapists, but they are equally the best folks I’ve met in long time.”

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Until WIFI service on St. John improves, please call rather than email for appointments.

For appointments call
340-228-5520 or
email christiebrown656@gmail.com

Paradise Massage on St John in the US Virgin Islands