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About Us – Cary and Barb, massage therapists on St. John over 15 years.

About us, Cary Chapin and Barb Douma, massage therapists on St. John for more than 15 years. About to travel to St John? Start your vacation with a massage. We have traveled the world teaching massage. We look forward to helping your body and mind release daily stress. About to make plans for your wedding and honeymoon or perhaps a couple’s getaway? Our trademark Couples Massage will highlight your vacation. Having a reunion in the Virgin Islands? We will help you make your group enjoy a stress free vacation and can provide massage for a large groups and families. Consider introducing massage to your children, it can be pretty amazing!

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About Cary Chapin massage therapistCary Chapin

I love doing massage and have for more than 25 years.Through awareness, breath, and touch, massage is the perfect vehicle to facilitate profound and yet simple changes as well as deep relaxation. I first graduated in 1987 in CT and from there have taught, had private practices and now find myself in paradise doing my life’s passion. It doesn’t get much better than that.

About Barb Douma St John massage therapist Barb Douma

Massage is magic. I love to help people get back in touch with their body to let go of pain and tension. Every person, every body, and every massage is different. I value working with the client to match their needs. I trained in Seattle in 1996 and have studied numerous modalities since. I’ve studied myofascial release, reflexology, Rosen Method, and energy work, as well as deeper more therapeutic techniques. I love what I do and love where I do it.

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